4 Headband Hairstyles to Try for Valentine’s Day

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Collage of four photos of a female showcasing different ways to style hair with a headband. Shown clockwise: tucked in, side twist, twisted ponytail, and side bun.

Headbands are on the top of the list for hair accessories. You see so many cute variations: bejeweled, knotted, empress, metallic – they have come a long way from what we had as elementary kids! They have become so popular, and I see them trending on Instagram. Needing ideas on how to style them quickly and easily? I got you! Here are four simple and fun headband hairstyles for your Galentine’s or Valentine’s Day this year!

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Headband Hairstyle 1: Tucked In

Step 1 – On one side, pull some hair in the front and the rest behind your ear.

Step 2 – Do the same with the other side. Some hair left out in front and the rest tucked behind your ear.

Step 3 – Finish by adding your favorite headband.

Woman showing how to style headband different ways like this tucked in headband where she pulls hair both in front and in the back of her ears.  She finishes this simple look with a headband.

Headband Hairstyle 2: Side Twist

Step 1 – Pull your hair to one side and divide it into two parts. Twist each part while twisting them together into one piece.

Step 2 – Once you reach a length you like, secure with a hair tie while still holding hair in a twist.

Step 3 – Once securely tied, let your hair unwind & do the finishing touches.

Step 4 – Finish by adding your favorite headband.

Woman pulls all her hair to one side.  She divides into 2 sections and twist them as she forms them into one twist braid.  Secures with hair tie, lets it loose, fixes it for finishing touches.  Adds hairband.

Headband Hairstyle 3: Twisted Ponytail

Step 1 – Pull up the front of your hair and twist and pin down. This will be on top of your ponytail.

Step 2 – Tie up the remaining hair into a ponytail.

Step 3 – Finish by adding your favorite headband.

Woman pulls upu hair in the front, twist it then secures with bobby pin.  She takes the rest of her hair into a ponytail.  Adds a headband to finish the look.
Earrings by @pinwheelclay

Headband Hairstyle 4: Side Bun

Step 1 – Part your hair on one side, then pull the rest of your hair to the opposite side. Secure with a hair tie.

Step 2 – While tying the hair, tuck in and pull the hair in opposite directions to create a bun. Pull again from top to bottom. Play around until you get the desired look.

Step 3 – Finish by adding your favorite headband.

Woman parts hair on one side, then pulls all her hair on the opposite side.  She secure het hair with a hair tie, but before she finishes, she creates a bun to finish the hair tie.  She then pulls it from side to side, then from top to bottom.  Play around until you get the desired look and finish with headband.
Earrings by @pinwheelclay

Do you like wearing headbands? Which headband style did you like?

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