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Emsculpt Review – Does It Work?

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Summer is fast approaching, and you want to get that “bikini bod” ready for the beach!  Maybe you just want to feel more confident with your body.  Allow me to introduce Emsculpt – a great non-invasive treatment that gets rid of fat while toning your muscles!

**This is a sponsored post with Skin Oasis Dermatology. As always, my reviews remain honest, and all opinions are my own.**

All photos and video by Megan of Megapixels Media (unless noted). Megan made the decision so easy for me to hire her, as she was able to capture both photos and video at the same time! She is very professional, accommodating, and skilled in getting the right footage to make an informative video. You can follow her on Instagram @megapixelsmedia or go to her website.

When I was approached to do a review for Emsculpt, I was excited to try it!  I have heard so much about this machine and want to see what the hype is all about.  With the warmer months ahead, I want to look bikini ready, so I figure a body sculpting treatment will expedite the process!  I spoke to Dr. Katina Miles of Skin Oasis Dermatology located in Gambrills, MD for my consultation and treatments.

About Skin Oasis Dermatology

Skin Oasis Dermatology has been around for four years, and Dr. Katina Miles is a board-certified dermatologist and has over 15 years of experience.  Skin Oasis offers general dermatology services to diagnose and treat skin conditions such as acne, eczema, skin cancer, etc. and cosmetic dermatology like fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, and body contouring like Emsculpt.

About Emsculpt

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Emsculpt uses a high-intensity focused electro-magnetic (HIFEM) energy to eliminate fat AND build muscle tone.  It is used to create more definition in your abs or to lift and firm your butt.  The beauty of this device is there is no downtime, no surgery, injections, or anything invasive!  Emsculpt is available for both men and women. 

Who are the best candidates?

The best candidates are the ones who are already physically active and are close to their target weight and need an extra “boost” to eliminate excess fat and create those enviable abs we see on the cover of magazines or TV commercials.  The doctor will have you complete a questionnaire and schedule an assessment to make sure this is the right choice for you.

Who should sit on the sidelines?

If you are pregnant, have implanted metal devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, IUD, etc.), have heart conditions, have a history of seizures, have abdominal hernias or surgery, or still have a considerable amount of weight to lose, unfortunately, Emsculpt is not a good choice for you.

How many treatments

Emsculpt recommends doing two treatments for two weeks, so a total of 4 treatments. Each treatment runs for 30 minutes, and after each treatment, it is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats! 

What’s the preparation for the treatment?

The set-up is relatively easy.  You lay on the bed (face up if you’re treating your abs; face down if you’re treating your butt), the technician puts a strap around your desired treatment area and tucks the device underneath the strap.  If you would like to keep your clothes on while being treated, come in with clothing without any metal on it.

How does it feel?

Emsculpt is set to start at the lowest setting, usually starting at 25% to you get the muscles to warm up.  The intensity gradually increases and works its way up to 100%.  I’m not going to lie, when they raise it to 50% then 75%, it starts to get uncomfortable, as the intensity leaves you almost breathless (almost…not quite, but almost)!  However, once you reach 100%, your muscles have gotten used to the intense contractions.  My method of distraction is talking to the technician to get through the 30 minutes (trust me, it helps to make time go a lot faster when you’re distracted!).

Is it painful?  Not really; just a little uncomfortable.  It’s the strangest feeling having your muscles contract all on their own!  If you’ve been through physical therapy, you know how at the end of the session, they attach a pad that is hooked to a machine to “relax” your muscles by doing involuntary contractions?  It’s the same feeling but more intense (remember what I said earlier – equivalent to 20,000 crunches or squats? Yeah…).

I want to make clear – it’s not 30 minutes of constant contractions (oh my!  I can’t even imagine!).  There is an algorithm during the 30-minute treatment as the machine follows a rhythm to contract muscles (sometimes holding the contractions at 6 seconds). 

Don’t worry; there is a “break” in between when the machine pulses to flush out the lactic acid (the equivalent of rolling on the foam roller to relieve your sore muscles).  This goes on for what seems like a minute, then the contractions resume.

Are you sore after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, I was expecting to be completely sore, but I did surprisingly well!  If anything, my abs felt a little tighter!  The next day, I was able to work out in the gym with no pain or soreness (results may vary, of course). 

How long is the effectiveness of Emsculpt?

The fat loss as a result of the treatment is permanent; however, if you gain weight, any fat cells that were left behind “will definitely enlarge”, says Dr. Miles.  “It’s just like when you do liposuction, tummy tuck, you still have to maintain your weight.”

To maintain your toned muscles, you are encouraged to continue working out as part of your routine.  It is still important to watch what you eat and maintain an active lifestyle to continue seeing the results.

When will I see results?

According to Emsculpt, you typically start to see results after the four treatments.  Some may take weeks.

For me, it has been two weeks post-treatment.   I notice a slightly slimmer waistline and tighter abs.  I’m hoping for more, but I don’t expect to have 6-pack abs anytime soon (if you know me well, I enjoy food waaaay too much to give it up).  I’ll continue to monitor the progress and will provide you with a before and after photos in about a month when I follow up with Dr. Miles.  As always, you’ll find me in the gym, doing my cardio boxing and strength training.

Editor’s note: Please scroll to the end to see the results after 2 months.

The cost

If you’re going to invest in Emsculpt treatments, it can run anywhere from $3500 to $4000 for four treatments. 

Is it worth it?

If you have the budget and the doctor says you’re a good candidate, then I would say yes!  It certainly is a great treatment to compliment an already active lifestyle and an alternative way for fat loss and muscle toning in two weeks.    

If you’re in Maryland, book Dr. Miles!

Learn more about Emsculpt and how you can be on your way to a fitter you!  If you’re in the Maryland area, book your appointment with Dr. Katina Miles on the Skin Oasis Dermatology website or call (410) 402-5207. 

Use my code “predupre100” to get $100 off the first Emsculpt treatment!

Post-treatment update

As promised, here is the result 2 months after receiving a series of 4 Emsculpt treatments. You can see there is a noticeable change. I must admit, I was traveling quite a bit during the 2 months post-treatment (hence eating out a lot), so I think the results could have been improved. Nonetheless, you can actually see the difference.


    1. Hi Sandra, just providing some information for those who are interested. 🙂 Let me know if there are reviews you’d like me to do – fashion/beauty/travel related!

    1. It is costly. Provided this post as information for those who are interested. Doing it the old fashioned way of diet and exercise works just as well too!

  1. Wow! I had only ever seen these type of machines on infomercials! lol I didn’t know they were in actual offices! =)

  2. As someone who is now in her 30s and just now starting to think about skin care or wish I cared more in my 20s… I find this post interesting.

    1. Thanks Laura, yes, it’s an interesting treatment for sure! So many options available now a days!

  3. I would be on the sideline hip replacements. But this would be very interesting to have done

    1. Just providing a review for those who are interested. Hope the hip replacement has made things easier for you. I have a family member who had that done, but it’s not 100%

    1. No worries, there are many other treatments out there, but I also find that doing it the old fashioned way of diet and exercise yields long-term results.

  4. Very interesting! This is my first time hearing of Emscupt. Sounds wonderful if it’s successful for a person!

    1. Hi Megan! Check it out and see if this is something that works for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

  5. Great option for tightening muscles, but as you mention, you still need to be active and follow a good diet.

    1. Absolutely – 100% Wish there was a way around that, but we have to do our maintenance. Have a great day, Antoinette!

  6. That was a well-written article! And thank you for explaining this process to the majority of people who don’t know what emsculpt is. I know that when I started searching for ways to lose belly fat, I wasn’t having much luck. I had no idea what this device did until I found some sites trying to explain it. But, I wish I had run into yours first since it’s the closest to what my doctor said to me! If anybody needs to lose that fat and tone muscle, this is the method you want to try

    1. Hi Jennifer! Sorry for the late reply! Thank you for your compliment. Having Dr. Miles on here definitely helped explain how Emsculpt works. Feel free to share this to anyone who might be looking into this process. Have a great day!

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