Get your Lower Body in Shape Without a Gym

Don’t have a gym membership? No worries! Sabine Evans, a Fit Boxing instructor and fitness trainer at Columbia Association, is our special guest. She will show you how you can do these workouts anywhere – from your home or during your travels!

Photo by Bhawna Ghupta of TEMA Athletics

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Video production by Ivan Anhe of Ivan Anhe Productions. Ivan lives in the Washington DC metro area and enjoys creating videos documenting people’s lives and special moments. Follow him on Instagram or YouTube

Sabine Evans is an instructor and trainer at Columbia Association. She is passionate about getting people involved in fitness. Her goal is to bring out the best in people and help take them to the next level. You can follow Sabine on InstagramFacebook, or on her website

Medical Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. This blog post and video are not intended to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise regimen for you. 

New Year, new YOU! If you made a resolution of getting into tip-top shape this year, then you’re at the right place! We have created a blog series of full-body workouts you can do anywhere – home or travels! We have a special guest, Sabine Evans of Columbia Association, to show us a few moves we can do to keep us in shape throughout the year!

We are going to start this series off with lower-body exercises.

About Sabine

Photo by Bhawna Gupta of TEMA Athletics

My sister and I started training with Sabine Evans about two years ago. We take her Fit Boxing class which is where we get our cardio 3x/week (it’s an hour class which is broken down from warming up, fit boxing, circuit training, to winding down. Other than getting cardio in, it’s a great way to reduce stress too) and do personal training sessions 2x/week. She has been a tremendous partner in our fitness journey! I am so glad to have her as a trainer – she pushes me beyond my comfort zone (especially on days when I don’t feel like working out), and as a result, have seen increased strength, endurance, and muscles I have never seen before!  Thanks, Sabine, for your personal support and for always motivating me!

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Photo by Bhawna Gupta of TEMA Athletics

Lower Body Workout

Our first video series is on lower-body workout. Sabine suggests doing each exercise for 30 seconds and complete the circuit for a total of 3 rotations.

Equipment used:




Resistance Bands

Looped Resistance Bands

Sliding Disc

TRX Forward Lunge

Face away from the anchor. Feet together, shoulders down and back, stabilize yourself in an active plank hold. Step/lunge forward with both hands overhead (don’t extend your knees past your feet). Both hands go up as you lunge forward. Pose for a second in the lunge position. Engage your core when pulling yourself back up in the TRX. Alternate each leg.

Another way you can do this is by alternating your arms. Step forward with your left leg, left arm goes back, and raise the right arm above your head. When you get to the bottom, hold for a second and re-engage the core as you come up. Alternate legs and arms for 30 seconds.

TRX Forward Lunge
Photo by Bhawna Gupta of TEMA Athletics

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Grab a set of dumbells (for beginners, 3 to 5 lbs is good). Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a big step backward, lowering your rear knee toward the ground while keeping your front shin as vertical as possible (your opposite thigh is parallel to the floor). Return to the standing position and alternate legs.

Lateral Band Walk

Slide the looped resistance band above your knee. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees slightly (don’t let your knees go past your toes) and move into a half-squat position to activate the glutes. Keep your feet facing forward and in line with your shoulders.

Take a step sideways, always keeping tension on the band, about three steps on each side. Go in the opposite direction. Keep your back straight and not rounded.

Step Up with Overhead Press and Knee Lift

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and position at shoulder height (for starters, use 3 to 5 lbs). Place one foot firmly onto a step or bench. Step up onto the surface, pushing your body up to the step, taking the opposite knee and raise it in front of you while pressing the dumbbells overhead (hold for one second). Step down and repeat on the opposite leg.

Reverse Sliding Lunge

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a sliding disc on one foot. Slide the foot that’s on the disc backward and lower your hips so that your other knee is bent to 90-degrees (reverse lunge position). Keep your upper body upright. Pause, then go back to starting position.

Alternatively, you may also move the foot on the disc sideways or at a 45-degree angle.

Glute Kickback with Dumbbell or Resistance Bands

With Dumbbell

Start on all fours with hands under shoulders and knees under hips. Place a dumbbell in the crease of the left knee (use 3 to 5 lbs). Raise your left leg back and up as you exhale until your thigh is parallel with the ground (create a 90-degree angle bend). The sole of your right foot should be facing the ceiling. Hold for one count at the top of the movement (squeezing your glutes), then lower to start position as you inhale (without touching your knees to the ground) and repeat.

Do 30 seconds on the same leg then alternate leg.

With Resistance Bands

Start on all fours (with the handles of a resistance band in each hand). Place the middle of the band on your left foot, pushing it straight back until you form a straight line with your leg. Bring your core in and maintain a flat back as you kick your left leg back. Try not to rotate the hip and keep it flat. Slowly return your leg to the starting position, not allowing the knee to touch the ground.

After 30 seconds, switch legs, and repeat.

Dumbell or Kettlebell Squats

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart (toes pointing forward and slightly outward) and hold a kettlebell or dumbbell in front of your chest (for starters, use 10 to 15 lbs). Keep your chest lifted and back upright, squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and your glutes are slightly touching the chair or ball. Don’t lean too forward that your knees are past your toes. Pause and drive up to standing position and squeeze your glutes.

Lower body workout, dumbbell squat, how to squat, how to squat properly
Photo by Ksenia Pro Photography

Calf Raises

Stand on the edge of a stair or step with your heels hanging over the edge. Maintain an upright posture, keep legs and feet straight and facing forward, and abs pulled in. Raise your heels upward as high as you can, so you’re on your tiptoes. Slowly lower your heels down as far as you can toward the floor.

Step Up with Knee Lift

Step up onto the surface (in this video, we used stairs), pushing your body up to the step, taking the opposite knee and raise it in front of you. Step down and repeat on the opposite leg.

Next Up: Upper Body

This concludes our lower body exercises . Our next post will be on upper body, so be on the lookout!

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