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How to Dress New York Style

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When I think of New York fashion, these words come to mind:  sleek, stylish, and sophisticated!   New Yorkers have it pulled together with such effortless style!  Here are a few suggestions on how to dress New York style.

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All photos by Katrine Moite Photography (unless noted otherwise). I highly recommend her great photography skills (you’ll see her IG accounts cover cityscape and food also). She’s an absolute pleasure to work with and super easy going! You can follow this former lawyer on Instagram @katrine_moite_photo or go to her website.

Basic Black

As the famous saying goes, “when in doubt, wear black.”  Can’t ever go wrong with that!  Yes, I know with street style there are more bold colors out there, but black doesn’t go out of style!  Other neutral colors seen around the city are gray and navy blue.  Such a great palette to layer on colors!

Be the life of the party in this sleek and sultry mini faux leather dress styled with white boots!   This dress just has NYC written all over it.

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Statement shoes

I was telling my esthetician about NYFW, and she said to me, “Girl, you just need hair and makeup to be perfect and great shoes to stand out.”  I couldn’t agree more! 

Be sure to wear something comfortable when in New York – everyone walks to get to their destination, so if you want to stand out like a tourist walking around in stiletto heels, well…more power to you!  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people at NYFW wearing heels and you can tell they are not used to wearing them (how many of you know what I’m talking about?) or those who are cursing inside saying, “I should have worn more comfortable shoes!” (as they limp their way to their next show)! 

You get the point – carry your fancy heels in your bag, change once you’re near your destination, and you’ll be fine!  It’s the way of life in the City that never sleeps!

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Back to statement shoes (I digress), so how about these @jeffreycampbell snakeskin shoes, huh (in my best Blue Blood’s Danny Reagan accent impersonation)?  I wore it to my interview with designer Son Jung Wan ( on this soon on another blog post), and the embellishments on there make it shine!  Love it!

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Leather never goes out of style!  Bring casual flair onto an edgy faux leather moto jacket!  Pair this with just about anything! 

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My favorite ways of wearing this jacket:  wear a white tee shirt or blouse with jeans and heels for an edgy night out or casually don it over a cute top and flowy maxi skirt with platform sneakers for that day look.


When I think of New York and fashion, I’m reminded of Jackie O.  She’s famous for many things among them her classy style.  When she lived in New York, I am sure you have seen pictures of her in her signature oversized round sunglasses. That style and shape really finished off her look. 

When shopping for eyewear, be sure to choose according to the shape of your face (I’ll provide another blog post on this in detail soon).  Also, consider your lifestyle and personality.  Frames certainly say a lot about you, so be sure to select the right one that fits your personality or have a few collections of them to suit your current mood!

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KISS – Keep it simple, silly!  You don’t want too much going on that we end up not noticing that awesome outfit you are wearing!  Accessories are meant to compliment your outfit! 

From Pamella Roland F/W 2019 collection © #IMAXTREE
From Pamella Roland F/W 2019 collection © #IMAXTREE

However, some can argue the other way around, you can amp it up with statement earrings or necklace! 

From Prabal Gurung F/W 2019 collection © #IMAXTREE
From Pamella Roland F/W 2019 collection © #IMAXTREE

Which one are you – are you more of a statement type of person or keep it simple kinda fashionista?


Soft waves, statement braids, added hair embellishments, hair barrettes, sleek pony, hair in a low bun, crimped hair (gosh, I didn’t think I would see this style again) – these are a few NYFW trending styles at the Fall/Winter 2019 runway.

Cynthia’s hair by @miragestudio_ and makeup by @nishiartistry
Photo by Albert Urso/Getty Images for Fashion Hong Kong
Photo by Albert Urso/Getty Images for Fashion Hong Kong
Photo by Albert Urso/Getty Images for Fashion Hong Kong

Bold prints

If there is ever a city where you should never be afraid of wearing the brightest of colors or boldest of prints, it’s NYC! I love how everyone is so chic in their own eclectic way!

This sweater dress is one of my favorites!  I love animal print, and I paired it with white boots just to elevate the street style look even more!

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Wear it with Confidence

No matter what you’re wearing, be confident!  Don’t overthink it, go out there and own it!  Nothing says sexy more than a confident woman! 

What I LOVE to hear is your own spin on how to dress #nycstyle!  Let me hear your thoughts below! 


  1. Definitely pulled off the NYC look, girlfriend! Yes, I would agree —those New York girls love their black and one of my fave looks in this post is the faux leather mini with the striking contrast of the white boots. Perfection! I bring amazing heels to New York because they almost always get noticed and complimented on. And I’m never afraid to be a bit more bold with my outfit choices in this city—they appreciate a girl who can stand out and hold her own!

    1. Yes they do! Gotta match those New Yorkers to blend in! 🙂 I can see you blending in over there with your sense of style!

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