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TEMA Athletics – Athleticwear for Active Women

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TEMA Athletics is a workout wear that is comfortable, functional, and stylish.  TEMA’s mission is to support women to live an active lifestyle regardless of look, size, body type, weight, or shape.

All photos and video by Bhawna Gupta. You can find more about TEMA Athletics on their website, Instagram, or Facebook. *This is not a sponsored post.*

I met Bhawna Gupta, the owner of TEMA Athletics, this summer. She reached out while visiting her husband’s family here in Maryland and wanted to do a photoshoot.

I was quite impressed by her the minute we met! She’s a go-getter and doesn’t let anything stop her in her tracks! She’s a creative, determined, and hardworking individual. What I love most about her is her passion to have women feel great no matter what your body type, weight, or shape. She’s a HUGE supporter of women’s empowerment, and it is evident in her company’s mission.

Learn more about Bhawna and TEMA Athletics in this video and my interview with her below:

Tell us a bit about you and your brand – TEMA Athletics

My name is Bhawna Gupta. I am the Founder of TEMA Athletics. In my past life, I used to be a Software Engineer. That all changed after my daughter was born. As a new mother, I wanted to get back in shape, and that got me into loving fitness.

For a couple of years, I pursued a path to be skinny and fit. Though that didn’t work out for me for long, as I got older, my priorities changed. With two kids, I could not just stay in the gym or avoid food. I looked around and saw that to love fitness, one doesn’t need to have a perfect body. That pivoted my entire outlook on health and fitness. This was the inspiration for me to start TEMA Athletics, a women’s activewear line.

TEMA Athletics believes that fitness should be accessible to all women no matter what their size is. For us, every woman deserves to workout in comfortable and stylish activewear; that is why we offer 99% of our styles in sizes S-3X. We know that when we move our body and get through those tough workouts, it sends a message to the brain that anything is possible. This leads to elevated self-confidence and self-worth. Seeing a woman crush that workout and self-doubt are one of the most fulfilling parts for our team.

The designs you create are so cute! Who or what is your inspiration while creating the designs?

Our inspiration comes from different things. Some collections are inspired by nature. For example, our Leaf Seamless style is inspired by a leaf’s vascular structure. Other designs are inspired by the Indian culture like the Paisley and Embroidered Fern leggings. It depends on what is in trend and what kind of feedback we get from our focus group.

There are so many athleticwear out there. What makes TEMA Athletics different from all the other brands?

The most significant difference between us and other brands is that we design our styles around a curvy body first and then size down. If a style does not work for a curvy body, we do not go in production just for regular sizes. Super high-waist, more coverage in sports bras, and putting details in the leggings at the narrowest parts of the legs are few of the design details we consider while creating our styles. These are very important aspects while designing for a curvy woman, so she can feel confident wearing our clothing line.

What do you consider to be the essential facets of athleticwear?

I would say comfort, mobility, and versatility are of the most important facets of athleticwear. Women want to take gym wear beyond their workouts. Mobility and comfort are some of the main reasons more women are wearing the gym wear outside studios. Taking a piece and mixing with other pieces in their closet gives them more bang for the buck. Our goal is to always deliver on those three aspects.

Where do you see TEMA Athletics in the next ten years?

As a business, we look forward to expanding into Youth and Extended Plus. As a brand, we want to be known for authenticity and approachability. Women don’t need to feel pressured to look a certain way before they buy our clothes.

Where can we purchase TEMA Athletics? Are there any specials?

One can go to our website at to shop. We have 48 Hours Black Friday specials coming up on our website starting at midnight on Nov 29th.


  1. i like that they are making their clothing accessible to women of all sizes, but they should show more of them in their advertising

    1. Hi Sandra! Thanks for your feedback. She actually does on her website and social media platforms. These were just pictures of me and a couple of friends wearing them.

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