TRX Abs Workout: 8 Moves for a Strong Core and Sculpted Abs

I’m sharing 8 ab-sculpting moves to get a strong and defined core!

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woman doing trx ab exercises with shoulder up raising hand with weights while feet cradled in TRX

Video production by Ivan Anhe of Ivan Anhe Productions. Ivan lives in the Washington DC metro area and enjoys creating videos documenting people’s lives and special moments. Follow him on Instagram or YouTube.

Sabine Evans is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and owner of Fit with Sabine. She is passionate about getting people involved in fitness. Her goal is to bring out the best in people and help take them to the next level. You can follow Sabine on InstagramFacebook, or on her website

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Summer will be here before we know it, so it’s time to get in shape! My trainer, Sabine Evans, shows us all the right moves to get those rock, solid abs (combined with the proper diet and exercise, of course)!

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Sabine suggests that you warm-up, pick 3-4 of these exercises, and do each side for 30 seconds. Be sure to work at your own pace and modify the moves as you deem necessary.

Standing Roll Out (facing away anchor)

Start by taking a few steps in front of the TRX anchor, so it’s behind you. While keeping your core tight, extend both arms above your head in front of you – holding on to the straps. Slowly lean forward, then slowly return to the starting position. Make sure to hold yourself up using your core and squeezing your glutes, not putting a lot of pressure or weight on your arms. Concentrate on targeting your abs, not your arms.

Crunch with Weights (facing anchor on your back)

With your feet in the cradles, alternate legs (like a bicycle crunch) and move them towards your head (one leg at a time), crunching up at your core. As you crunch up, bring up your shoulders, extend your arms straight out with the weights in your hands. When you come back down slowly, bring the weights down towards your shoulders. You may also do the exercise without the weights.

Sit-Up with Weights (facing anchor on your back)

This move is a progression or more advanced version of the crunch. While maintaining the same starting position and motion as the crunch, come up into a full sit-up position with arms extended straight up with the weights. Leave out the weights if you like.

Reverse Crunch with Atomic Push-Up (facing away anchor in plank position)

man in atomic pushup with feet in TRX cradle and legs inward, hands in pushup paddle

With feet in the cradles, get into a plank position. Bring legs in towards your elbows so they are bending at the knee. Remember to control the straps with your legs and keep your core tight (don’t just swing your legs in and use the movement’s momentum) to really engage your muscles.

After bringing your legs in and back out, go down into a push-up. In the video, Dan uses push-up paddles to alleviate some of the pressure off his wrists. If you have paddles at home, feel free to use them. If not, place hands directly on the ground.

Plank Pendulum Swing into an Oblique Crunch (facing away anchor in plank position)

In a high plank position with your hands on the ground and feet in the cradles, move your legs together at the same time from side to side. Engage your core and avoid simply swinging your legs and using the momentum to move your legs back and forth. When you bring your legs around for the oblique crunch, bend at the knee and bring them towards your elbow and pause for a second. You will do this on each side, alternating from left to right.

Single Leg Toe-Touch (facing anchor on your back)

With one leg suspended inside the foot cradle, the other leg will be straight up in the air. With the opposite arm, crunch up to touch the toe in the air (support your head with the other hand). When you crunch up, engage your core, and don’t strain your neck. Exhale as you come up; inhale as you go down. Switch sides after the allotted time period.

Kneeling Roll Out (facing away anchor on your knees)

This is a modified version of the standing rollout (a little easier). For this, go on your knees, keep your core tight, and roll out with your arms holding on to the straps. Move your arms above your head in front of you and slightly lean forward. Engage your core to hold yourself up; avoid putting a lot of pressure/weight on the arms.

Bicycle Crunches (facing anchor on your back)

With your feet in the cradles, alternate bringing one knee in at a time. With the opposite arm, bring your elbow in to meet your knee; continue by alternating legs. You are twisting at the core each time you come up (this will engage those oblique muscles). Remember to exhale when you’re lifting yourself and inhale when you’re lowering it back to the ground.

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