Glamcor Socialite Mirror

Glamcor Socialite mirror blends function with elegance and style to your home or office decor.  Frameless mirror gives a clean and modern look.

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Looking for a vanity mirror?


Backlit LED lights set picture-perfect lighting for makeup or skincare application, shaving, grooming, or hair styling. 

Brilliant Lighting

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Crystal Clear Reflection

The Glamcor Socialite mirror not only delivers dramatic lighting solutions at home or office, but it provides amazing clarity every time!  

Dimmer Switch Knob

Turn the knob to adjust the lighting. Set the brightness to the task-specific illumination you need.

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Delivers dramatic lighting solution to any hair salon, professional makeup studio,  at-home glam space, or as a stunning home decor! Creates the best studio setting! 


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Read my blog post to learn more about this beautiful mirror!

Additional Specs





Five-year warranty

Mount vertically or horizontally

Free-standing or  wall-mounted

Zero heat generated from lighting

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