smoky Plum-copper makeup look

This look is perfect for any night out! Whether it's a holiday party or date night, this look is sure to turn heads!  

cool plum

Using this color to start off.  It's subtle medium brown with  warm undertones and a satin finish.

put on eyeshadow primer


Prep with eyeshadow primer to keep your eyeshadow in place.  Keeps it smooth and crease-free.

add shadow: outer corner


Take the color Cool Plum and put on the outer corner, going in an upward motion toward the tail of your brow.

Add shadow:  inner corner


Add the same color, Cool Plum, to inner corner of the eye.  Just dab and blend, filling in that section.  


We're going to add this color to add dimension and depth to the eyelids.  Creates an ombre look.

Add shadow: inner outer corner


Dab Aubergine right next to Cool Plum.   This will help deepen the outer corner. 


This beautiful copper color has a pearlized finish.  It has a full and rich color pay off that lasts.

place shadow: center of lid


Swipe Oxide on the center of the lid using a shader brush.  Place this color in between the colors.

Golden Beige

We're going to finish with this pearlized color for that dazzling and sparkling eye effect.  This will help to open up the eyes.

Add shadow:  Golden Beige


Place this right outside of Cool Plum, slightly following the eye socket. 

line the upper lid


Use a liquid eyeliner pen or apply gel liner using an eyeliner brush.  This creates a fuller lash look. 

add mascara and lashes


Brush on mascara and let dry.  Layer false lashes on top. Pinch lashes and the falsies to blend together.  Finish with additional coat of mascara.

prep face


Clean up any shadow fall out (if any).  Apply moisturizer and let dry. Put on foundation, concealer, and powder to face.



Sculpt the face to add dimension. Use gel or powder contour makeup that is  a slightly darker than your skin color.  Contour your cheeks, nose, and jawline.

warm up the face


Add bronzer to "toast the edges".   The bronzer just helps to warm up the face and usually applied in the same area you contoured.  You may skip contouring and just do bronzing.  

add blush


Apply the blush from the center of your cheeks and sweep it up toward the temples. Dont' forget to blend!

Finish with highlighter


Add highlighter to the high points of your cheeks, brow bone, center of nose, chin, and cupid's bow on lip.



To complete the look, put on a plum lipstick and lipgloss (if you want that shiny finish).  

final look

Read more on the blog on the complete set of products used to create this smoky eye look!  Perfect look for any event!