How to Create the

classic hollywood waves hairstyle

This hairstyle is the perfect look for any event!  Keep watching for steps on how to create this look!

Step by Step Tutorial

· Comb · Brush · Heat Protectant · Hair Spray · Hair Oil · Curling Iron (I used the Beach Waver Pro 1.25)

what  You'll need

Time to Prep

Prep the hair with detangler and heat protectant.  Use products to protect your hair and keep your curls to last.

Use a comb to part the hair.  This will help guide which direction to curl your hair, so you'll have waves face in the same direction.

Take the top half of your hair and secure it with a clip.  This allows you to work on the bottom half.

Love my Beachwaver Pro 1.25! Love the rotation function to go either left or right!  This heats up quickly too!  

Clamp your hair with the curling iron and rotate to curl.  Ideally, you'll want to curl toward your face, but it also works if you curl away.

I normally leave my hair in the wand for 10 to 15 seconds (this depends on your hair thickness and coarseness). Spray lightly with hairspray to hold.

Continue to curl the rest of the bottom half of your hair.  When finished, unclip sections of your top half.

When finished, mist another llight layer of hairspray.  Just don't do overdo it; we don't want it "crunchy" but rather a smooth finish.

Take your bristle brush and brush the waves into place.  Start from the top and work your way down. Don't worry about making the curls flat!

The more you brush, the more your curls transform into beautiful waves.  When you brush, you are having the waves come together.

Feel free to add volume by teasing the hair. Finish off with hair oil to tame flyaways and for that shiny finish.  

There are more tips on my blog post, so be sure to head on over there!  I've also linked my favorite products for this look.

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