how to blow dry your hair for a smooth finish

What You'll Need

Hair prep products to protect from heat, Round brush for styling, and a hairdryer.  I've linked the ones I used below.

Start at the Crown

Dry the top part of your hair as this dries first. You also want to create volume at the crown.

Point Nozzle Down

Point the nozzle down for a nice shine and polish. Don't point up! This opens up the cuticle which weakens and damages the hair and makes it frizzy.

Blow dry until 75% done

Blowdry until your hair is mostly dry - about 75%.  This allows the last steps for styling.

How to Style

Insert the brush into the hair, pull away from the scalp, following through with the hairdryer. Repeat about 2-3x,  roll it up and let it cool.

Use 2 or more brushes (if you have)

If you have 2 brushes, you can work on the next section as you wait to cool it off. When done, unwind hair from brush.

Finish the rest 

Finish the rest of the hair. Pull out 2-3x,, roll it up, let it cool, unwind, then brush it out.

Finish the Front

When you get to the front, roll it backward and let it cool for a few seconds, then unwind.  Brush and style.  Finish with hair oil at the ends.

All Done

Here’s the final look! The key is having the right products, tools, and technique.

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