How to  Curl Hair  for the 

perfect  beach waves

Prep the hair with heat protectant, have your curling iron ready, section your hair, then brush it out

time to prep

I like to run the iron through my hair at least twice to warm it up and get rid of fly aways

Warm up the hair

Curl the hair away from the face and leave a section at the end to have an organic look

Time to curl

If you curled your hair all the way to the end, just run iron through to straighten it out

Hair tip

When you’re done curling, don’t brush yet, let it cool off and set with hairspray

don't brush yet

Finish off each section. Vary the size of your hair pieces to curl to give it dimension

finish all sections

When done curling, wait a few minutes to let it cool and set

let it cool & set

I like to run the iron through on top to tame fly aways. Lift your hair away from scalp to avoid burning it

Tame flyaways

Run your fingers underneath and on top of your hair to loosen up the curls for that natural, blended beach waves

loosen up the curls

Add finishing touches like teasing the top for volume and adding hair oil to the ends. Spray with hairspray, and you’re done

add finishing touches

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