Messy bun with hair scarf tutorial

pull hair into a loose ponytail, secure with hair tie, pull it tight, then loosen a few hair strands at the base


pull hair ribbon through the hair tie so length is half, divide hair into 2 strands and ribbon as your third


Do a braid:  take right strand and pull it to the middle while taking middle strand to the right.  Take left strand, pull to middle, while moving the middle strand to left.  repeat until end


loosen the hair strands for an organic look, wrap around into a bun and secure with hairtie


pull out the ribbon, so it's visible throughout the bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins


add finishing touches. take little strands and pin it outside of the ribbon for dimension.  spray to finish look


Pull out strands in the front to frame your face.  And you're done!


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