how to style hair

with A SCARF

Easy and cute hair scarf styles 


Roll up your scarf and start at the nape of your neck.  Bring the ends up and tie it into a knot.

side ponytail

Pull your hair to the side, then secure with elastic band.  Wrap the scarf around once then tie it into a knot.  

side braid

Do a side braid.  Pull scarf through the braid and adjust so the ends are even.  Take other end, pull it through until you reach bottom.  Tie at the end.

Low Bun

Do a ponytail, then a low bun (or half folded ponytail).  Wrap the scarf and tie it on top.  Then bring the ends down and tie at the bottom.   


Form a triangle with your scarf (fold diagonally in half), then tie the ends under your hair (by your nape) and leave the third corner loose.