Why Stay at  The Mayflower Hotel in DC

Top Location

In the nation’s capital and all it has to offer.  The hotel is located in the heart of Washington DC and walkable to most  iconic sights.


Historic Hotel

DC’s longest-operating hotel (est. in 1925). Part of significant political events  (ex. inaugural balls, speeches, etc.)


Popular Social Hub

Frequented by Hollywood's elite and guests who want to be at the center of it all. Beautiful venue for weddings, social gatherings, and meetings.


Luxurious Rooms

The Mayflower Hotel has 583 rooms and  78 suites. Elegant and luxurious, the room decor lends  modern sophistication and timeless elegance.


Deluxe Amenities

On top of plush robes and comfortable  bed, some rooms have the signature  Wall of Fame (signatures of famous  people who have stayed there).


Special Occasions

Customize your stay and make it special  by ordering enhancements delivered to  your room.


Fine Dining

Eat at Edgar Bar and Kitchen.  Named after J. Edgar. Hoover, he was known to eat lunch here for over 20 years!


Food Recommendations

Beautiful setting and decor.  The food is creative and flavorful. We recommend  their brunch items: Edgar Burger and Fried Chicken Sandwich.


Read the blog for more info about The Mayflower Hotel!  Learn more about their history, their elegance, and their top-notch service!

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