What to Wear  To A Fall/Winter Wedding

Ever wonder what to wear to a fall/winter wedding? We’ve put together a comprehensive wedding guest attire guide for you!

This time of year wedding guest attire often includes dark colors, heavy materials (velvet and faux fur), and longer sleeves.  

A black-tie wedding suggests a formal affair and typically held in the evening. Women: Floor-length gown is most appropriate. Men: Tuxedos are usually the attire of choice

Black Tie Wedding

Black-Tie Outfit Ideas

Similar to a black-tie wedding but can do without the tux and floor-length gown. Women: long gown, cocktail dress, or an elegant pantsuit. Men:  Dark suit with a white shirt and tie.

Formal Wedding

Formal Outfit Ideas

Dressy yet casual. Typically, you'd wear dark colors for evening and light colors for day. Women:  Cocktail dress Men:  Jacket or blazer (tie optional)

Semi-Formal Wedding

Semi-Formal Outfit Ideas

Business casual attire is appropriate. Consider the venue to help dictate your outfit.  Women: Work dress or jumpsuit Men: White shirt and slacks. Jacket/blazer optional.

Casual Wedding

Casual Outfit Ideas

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