What to Wear to a Wine Tasting

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You’re going to a wine tasting, which can be an all-day event hopping from winery to winery or perhaps at a more urban tasting room. You have arranged all the transportation (Wine bus or Uber anyone?), booked your accommodation (thank you HomeAway), and for the parents out there, scheduled the babysitter (check!). So, what does one wear to such an occasion?

Photos by Ashlee Wilcox. Hat by Francesca’s. Shirt by BP (Nordstrom). Pants by Loft.

Comfort is Key
I have a few tips to help you plan that wardrobe for this fun and memorable excursion! Let’s say you’re going to Napa Valley, where the days can be warm and the evenings can be cool, I suggest wearing something comfortable like a flowy maxi dress, sundress, or cute romper. Bring along a jean jacket, scarf, or sweater cardigan to keep you warm (should it cool off a bit). As for shoes, be cozy! Wear flats, sandals, or wedges, as you may be standing for hours or the winery may be located in a more rustic setting (think gravel or unpaved paths). If you find yourself going to a more urban environment, other options (in addition to donning a dress) would be to wear a jumpsuit or to pair jeans with a chic blazer.
Tips to Remember
I’ve included a few more things for you to bear in mind as you enjoy your day:
  • Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, in case you’re out in the sun
  • Have a few stain remover wipes handy (some suggestions I found on the web are Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover Wipes, Wine Away or Wine B’Gone)
  • Skip the lipstick and go for lip stains or lip balms instead
  • Avoid perfumes, as it may affect your ability to distinguish that wine flavor
  • Bring your camera. Wineries can have impressive settings with well-manicured grounds and picturesque views; it would be a shame not to document your special outing with a few photos
Just have Fun
Whether you’re a Pinot Grigio or a Cabernet Sauvignon connoisseur, take note of the above and raise a glass to celebrate in style!
Feel free to share what some of your favorite wines and wineries in the comments below!

Hat by Francesca’s. Top by BP (Nordstrom). Pants by Loft


Romper and Bag by Francesca’s

Romper by Francesca’s. Sandals by Michael Kors. Purse by Street Level (Nordstrom)

Dress by Loft. Earrings by Express.

Romper by Loft. Clutch by Francesca’s. Shoes by Sam Edelman (Nordstrom Rack).


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